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Living with Antiques

1st October 2019

Antiques are not as fashionable as they once were.
they are regarded by many as fuddy-duddy and boring.
Philip and I see things rather differently; as you may know.
We specialise in Welsh country furniture.

To us these pieces represent our social and personal history,
made in Wales, from Welsh timber, and often a uniquely Welsh
design with a regional element.

These makers are no longer known to us, their names are lost,
but their handiwork survives. Made entirely by hand, by the light of lamps and candles. Their craft was testament to their extraordinary skills.
Often made to commission for the emerging middle classes, these pieces were highly prized by their new owners, a symbol of their growing wealth.

As anyone who has made something, be it a cake, a dress, a garden will
attest a piece of us goes with that item, usually love and care.
Each piece of timber would have been carefully chosen for its quality and figuring, the design was usually decided by the maker and the prospective owner. This has produced some highly unique pieces, often puzzled over today.

The piece would then be cared for as it passed through the generations, although the 60’s saw many a piece being used as bonfire fodder as the
modernisation of our homes began.

They represent the trees, the makers, the owners and now they reside with us. Sometimes unloved, they add so much warmth and love to a room.
Plus they are often so very useful! They are such very forgiving members of our family, taken for granted and sometimes abused, but always there to support us.

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