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A Modern Rocking Chair, by Dave Green

6th February 2014


Dave Green and His Big Adventure!

On the 30th of March 2010 Dave Green with Designer Chris Eckersley and seven other prospective Bodgers met up at Gudrun Leitz's outdoor workshop in Clissett Wood for six days for the ‘Bodging Milano’ project. 

With no electricity (and therefore no power tools), no computers or drawing boards, and with very little protection against the elements, the group were removed from their comfort zone and quickly had to rethink their way of working. In the world of chair design this is probably as far back-to-basics as you can get! The results were then shown with Designersblock at the Milan Furniture Fair, April 2010. 
From here the inspiration gathered momentum to design a new era of Windsor Chairs and so the Modern Windsors was born. . 
Each piece is named after British woods from where a lot of our timber is sourced and replenished: Melbury Wood in Dorset, Glenmore Forest in Scotland, Packington Wood in Leicestershire and Rushmore Forest in Lincolnshire. The range is made on;y from English ash and British elm.

This chair is not only very stylish but very comfortable, do come and have a sit!

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